Get to Know Our Team of Exotic Pet Professionals in Philadelphia, PA

Team With Bird
Dr Tyson Holding A Beautiful Green Bird

Susan J Tyson, VMD, MS

Dr. Tyson’s love for veterinary medicine began at a young age while she was growing up with caimans, parrots, dogs, cats, and turtles. She is a Philadelphia local with strong ties to Pennsauken, NJ. Dr. Tyson graduated from Rutgers, then received her master's at Drexel University's School of Medicine. Following graduation from The University of Pennsylvania Veterinary school in 2011, Dr. Tyson continued at Penn Vet as a focused exotics intern.

Currently, Dr. Tyson is a board member for Freedom Center for Wildlife and is the veterinarian for Hawk Mountain Sanctuary. She has experience with a wide range of species, and her main interests are avian, reptile, and wildlife medicine, surgery, ophthalmology, and dentistry. She has continued her work with exotics, focusing on managing advanced surgical and medical cases and supporting elderly and aging pets. She has a strong interest in managing arthritic rabbits, birds, and reptiles with multimodal pain management.

At home, Dr. Tyson and her kids have a menagerie of pets including elderly cats, two adorable cockatiels, a green-cheeked amazon called Goblin, an ornate and three-toed Mississippi Box turtle, a ball python, salamanders, tarantulas, isopods, and bearded dragons. In her free time Dr. Tyson enjoys outdoor activities, the Shore, sports, and the arts.

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