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Exclusively focused on exotic animals, the Avian & Exotic Philly Vet Medical Surgical Clinic in Philadelphia, PA is your go-to place for exceptional care for your special pet. We love helping our varied exotic animal patients live their best lives, and we're also keen on guiding their owners through the maze of their care requirements. Led by Dr. Susan J. Tyson, we specialize in providing top-notch healthcare for an assortment of exotic animals, including birds, poultry, waterfowl, reptiles, rabbits, rodents, small and exotic mammals, amphibians, and invertebrates.

We've got a wide variety of services—from routine wellness and illness checks to advanced surgical and dental procedures—ensuring your unique pet is set to flourish for years to come.

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Get Acquainted with Dr. Tyson and Our Exotics Team

Since 2011, Dr. Tyson has dedicated her practice to exotic animal medicine, and she's got a tight-knit team of skilled veterinary nurses and support staff backing her up! We're all about giving your pet the care they deserve while also arming you with the knowledge you need for their well-being. Helping you get engaged in your pet’s care is equally important to us as ensuring your pet stays healthy.

Dr. Tyson has built up a base of devoted and satisfied clients over the years, and she, along with her team, is excited to bring you and your pet into the fold!

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Services We Offer for Exotic Animal Care

The Avian & Exotic Philly Vet Medical Surgical Clinic has your exotic pet’s healthcare needs covered.

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Annual Wellness Check-Ups

For all pets, no matter their species, we advocate for yearly health assessments and blood tests. This allows us to keep tabs on their well-being and act on any issues before they become major problems.

Vaccination Plans

Protecting your pet from severe diseases is a must. We endorse annual vaccinations for all species prone to rabies and distemper and also offer the RHDV vaccination for bunnies.

Oral Health Services

Our capable team can manage a host of dental issues such as dental disease, abscesses, irregular tooth growth, and enamel issues. Good dental hygiene can add precious years to your pet’s life.

Surgical Procedures

From routine spays and neuters to more complex oral and lump removal surgeries, Dr. Tyson and her team provide a safe, comfortable surgical environment for your pet.

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At the Avian & Exotic Philly Vet Medical Surgical Clinic, we’re all-in when it comes to giving personalized attention to your special pet. We care deeply for every patient who walks, crawls, or flies through our doors, and we aim to be a trustworthy exotic animal vet for you! If you're thinking about becoming one of our cherished clients, please take a moment to fill out our new client form. Just click below to get started!